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Why do we need to resize images?

The newer digital cameras take photos with a very large size typically 12MB (megabites). If you were to send 10 of these photos it could take a long time to send. In this case about 10 minutes

However on my website we use much smaller sized photos (about the size of a small screen 1100 x 760). 10 of these photos would only take 50 seconds to transmit.

How do I resize my photos?

You probably have a program on your computer that will resize photos for you. On most "Windows" computers there is a program called "Paint". It's not the best program to use however it can be found on most computers.

You will find Paint in the start menu if you look for "All Programs", then "Accessories", it's hiding in there!

You will need to open the photo you would like to resize then go to the Image menu along the top of the program and look for "Stretch/Skew" or "Resize/Skew" depending on how old your computer is!

On older computers you need to specify a percentage. For my camera it's 45% but for yours it will be different. Try a few different percentages until the photo fits onto your screen without cropping anything. You can use the undo function (in the edit menu) to take you back to the original until you have found the correct amount.

In more modern versions you can specify the size. Which should be 1100 x 760 or 760 x 1100 depending if the photo is portrait or landscape.

You then need to save them to a different location that you can easily find again. I would suggest making a folder in "My Documents" called "Small photos for my advert" which would be easy to find again.

If you would like more info click this link to go to the microsoft website

Can I recommend a better program to resize images?

Yes I can! There are two programs which are completely FREE which work much faster than any paid for software that I have used. They are as follows:-

Irfanview Excellent to use and very fast image editor viewer, crops photos etc Click Here

PIXresizer Very quick and easy for resizing a number of photos at one time Click here

The upload image page should still be open in the last tab when you close this page!