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I have for sale a Blueline trailer little used for sale complete with loading ramps, top decking,
blue cover full lighting seven pins, full braking.

£1200 VAT Free

Dropside trailer for sale
| Ref #: 9ade94b7e4d2
indespension trailer, with spare wheel, recently serviced, all parts working. Low Mileage. Collect from Bridge of Allen, Scotland
Drop side trailer

£1750 ono including VAT

Large trailer for sale
| Ref #: b46cb56f8445

£2100 +VAT

18ft Tri Wheel Ifor Williams Trailer - Essex
| Ref #: d56703eda615
2010 triaxle model, including sides, annually serviced, good working order, owned by us from new. Replaced with 18' model.
Stored undercover since new.

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£2500 +VAT

Ifor Williams LM166 G3 16
| Ref #: 0e1c91154648
HFA Removals
Additional mesh side guards
Winch post
Spare wheel
Rear legs

£2500 +VAT ono

Wessex PL 85 GW 2000kg Drop Side Trailer 8’4”x 5’
| Ref #: f34034180454
Twin Axle Trailer
Removable drop side
Models LM165G
Tyres good
Ramp storage
Ramps no
Lights working LED lights
Brakes in good working order

Choice of 4

£1750 +VAT

Ifor Williams Drop Side Trailer
| Ref #: 8aac89da43afA
Ifor Williams Yr 2009 LM146G-14ft Tri Axle Trailer, 3500kg.

5 Stud axles and fitted with drop down removable sides and brakes working and lights, this trailer is in great condition.

Viewing is welcome.

VAT on top of price and a full invoice supplied.

£1895 +VAT

Ifor Williams LM146G - 14ft Tri Axle Trailer
| Ref #: 7b1224d7a387

Sold Bateson 23ft Trailer with Ramp - Worcestershire

Price: £3000 VAT Free
7m tri Axle trailer for sale
Very large drop side trailer 23Ft x 6Ft 6" (7m x 2m) One of the largest trailers you can buy.
  • Composite mezzanine floor - will never rot!
  • All cage sides drop and de mount to form a flat bed trailer.
  • Standard tail gate AND removable ramp.
  • 3.5 Ton - 2.5 Ton payload
  • Tri Axle - Tows great
Could be used to move vans, two smaller cars, garden machinery, toilet units or Marquees!.

Has had light use - rare as hens teeth to find a trailer like this in good condition.

£3000 VAT Free

7m tri Axle trailer for sale
| Ref #: d84366d80467
Ifor Williams GD84 - 8ft Twin Axle Trailer, in excellent condition. Comes complete with all paperwork 100% straight and done little work from new.

Still has warranty on it.

Fitted with rear loading ramp - viewing is very welcome

Full removable mesh sides available at extra cost

£1395 +VAT

Ifor Williams GD84 - 8ft Twin Axle Trailer With Rear Ramp
| Ref #: 0cfd5efbe6f7
Ifor Williams Yr 2011 ( B Reg ) LM146G-14ft Tri Axle Trailer
  • 3500kg
  • 5 Stud axles
  • Fitted with drop down removable sides
  • Brakes working and lights
This trailer is in great condition-viewing is welcome

£2350 +VAT

Ifor Williams LM dropside trailer
| Ref #: b5c1ff448d8f
Double axle, 4 good tyres, good condition but requires a little work to make it A1

£750 +VAT ono

Indespension " Challenger" Trailer 10' x 4' Bed
| Ref #: 7c30ca7dc3fc
Twin Axle
2500 kgs (2.5 tonne)
Loading space: 8.5 foot by 4.5 foot
Loading Ramp on heavy duty springs
4 Good Tyres

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£1500 +VAT

Ifor Williams Heavy Duty Trailer (Digger Trailer)
| Ref #: 2771c9e424ea
Drop Sided, Ladder Back

5m x 2m – (16ft x 6ft 6inches)

2000kg gross capacity

With spare tyre and hitchlock with key

We are just about to install a new floor - we will sell for £1,650.00 with the existing floor or £1,850 with new Phenolic floor

£1650 +VAT

Buy 5m Humbaur Single Axle Trailer
| Ref #: b3a140d97996
Ifor Williams LM125 - 12ft Twin Axle Trailer, Year 2015 and in excellent condition (this trailer has done next to nothing from new).
Fitted with drop down removable sides, comes with all paperwork and hitch keys.
Viewing is welcome.

£2250 +VAT

2015 Ifor Williams LM125 12ft Twin Axle Trailer
| Ref #: a6b0e145e1f7
Taylor's Trailer (Mr Mobile) 16ft Twin Axle drop side Trailer, 3000kg capacity, Manufactured in 2002 and easy to tow.

£1250 +VAT ono

16ft Twin Axle Drop Side Trailer
| Ref #: 33582388a7b3
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